Anonymous: It's so nice to see the face behind this blog. Thank you so much for spreading the message in a more modern way. What do you do in your daily life?

Thank you. =D ..Spread the word elsewhere, haha. I was literally given a mission from up above to win people during these end times. The time draws near and it’s so important to fight back against Satan’s spell that he & his demons have cast upon the good people of this earth.

Anonymous: Hello you are very handsome, you dont have to pout in all your pics!

I hate my lips if I don’t. Thank you tho! =D

Anonymous: How old are you?

26, but I try my best to stay youthful in spirit, which results in youthful in appearance. =)


I do what I can.

The main profile picture I usually use.

This is my body.

Yes, a person runs this blog. I’m Jordan. Hi.

There’s nothing wrong with being sexy & spiritual, tbh.